The purpose of this document is to provide Freight Brokers using the Global Logistics Solutions (GLS) Program, with written, step-by-step instructions to prepare potential claims for filing, processing, and resolution.

Time Frame

Claims for physical damage must be reported to GLS as quickly as possible after the receiving and unloading of the product has taken place. Concealed damages must be reported to the Carrier within 5 business days of receipt of the shipment.

Data Collection

The Broker must gather the information required on the Freight Claim Form. If all the required information and documentation is not presented, CDS will file a Pending Claim, until all the documentation is received.

Carrier Notification

Prompt carrier notification is critical and should be completed within 48 hours of the receiving exception. Quick notification will determine how quickly a carrier resolves the claim.


Up to 13 pieces of documentation and information may be needed to support a claim. However, in most cases, the complete list of documentation is not always required.

Claim Filing

Once the Carrier has been notified and the required forms are completed, email the forms along with supporting photos to the attention of CDS Claims Processing Department email address is glsclaims@feightclaim.com

Product Disposition

The Customer is not authorized to dispose of the product without instructions from GLS/Broker. Any deviation, by the customer in following the Broker’s instructions, may cause an unfavorable resolution of the claim.

Follow-up and Reporting

CDS has established a follow up program that includes contacting the carrier and insurance company every 30 days. All correspondence, communications and documentation will be scanned into the claim.

If there are any questions relative to accumulating documentation, completing the claim form, or anything else related to the claim process, please contact:

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